Why Buy From US

We are a small family business that is ran by a family of 3. Being in the Army for 8 years I learned that communication is the key to victory. Well I take that to the business world. We strive to communicate with all of our customers from the moment you order to the time you receive that order.  


A Viking Drinking Horn isn't just for Vikings, Norsemen, Renaissance Faires, ect. They are for EVERYONE. Have you ever lost your cup at a party? That is hard to do with a one of a kind horn and a belt holder. Do you like talking to people? Well lots of people will ask you about your horn.  Do you have a beard? A Drinking Horn goes perfectly with beard.


This is the best way to find out what we are up to. We also love interacting with all of you on there. If you message, comment, tweet or whatever else we strive to get back to you within an hour, but that isn't always possible.