Q:Are your drinking horns safe to drink out of?

A: Yes these drinking horns are coated with a food grade lacquer.


Q: Are they real horns? Where do they come from?

A:  These are various types of cattle horns. They are harvested from dead cattle used for meat. Let nothing go to waste.  They then are cleaned out,  polished and sometimes carved by a small business.


Q: Can you carve a Viking Drinking Horn?

A: I can custom make you a drinking horn. I will only do what I'm comfortable doing.

If you want to order a custom job you will have to email  of what you want. I will let you know if I can do it. If I can then you will have to pay for the horn up front then will be charged using PayPal $15 for each hour I work on the horn.


Q: How do you clean a drinking horn or mug?

A: Use warm (NOT HOT) soapy water and a bottle brush. Rinse out with warm water. Use a towel to dry off then set upside down to let water drip out.


Q: My drinking horn seems dry and looks dull?

A: Use a couple drops of olive oil and rub on the outside of the horn. This will bring back it's shine.


Q: I need to reseal the inside of my drinking horn or mug?

A: Use a food grade lacquer and coat the inside with a thin layer.  Traditionally vikings and other cultures used melted beeswax. IF GOING TO SEAL YOUR HORN PLEASE LOOK IT UP ON YOUTUBE!


Q: My drinking mug/cup is leaking HELP?

A: If your horn mug is leaking, find where it is leaking by putting water in it. Once you find the leak let the mug dry out. Use nail hardener or a hard glue where the leak is on the inside of the horn mug and the outside. Let it set for several hours. Then if you want use sandpaper on the outside to sand down the hardener.


Q: Will you reseal or fix a leaking horn or mug?

A: Yes just pay for shipping and we are more than happy to do this for you.


Q: Will you refund a leaking mug?

A: We of course would like to try and fix the leak first, but it you want a refund then we will refund any product that you are not satisfied with.